These five works (from a group of seven undertaken during 2002), are part diary part map and endeavor to reflect  emotional and physical responses to the environment of the coast line  between Birchington and Margate on the north Kent coast of Thanet

Taking two to three months to complete each work, the works undergo many changes. Time is  spent moving and testing objects, images and text without a single item being fixed permanently in its place. Through editing, re-editing, chance and play, meaningful relationships gradually form between the elements and the layers.

The works do not give to the viewer immediately they work through a slow release. Discovering on the way wealth and meaning in worthless detritus and the discarded deteriorating objects of others, found on the shores of Margate, Westgate and Birchington.

The photographs  mainly taken on the shores of Margate’s beaches reflect the notion of ‘potential’, and as the curves of the books’ pages mirror the waves encompassing them, the unknown beyond the horizon is reflected in the unknown subjects of these sodden books. Their truth may only be discovered by journeying through both, their histories are invented and re-invented – lost and shared – archived, collected and collated; forming In the viewer distant memories of undiscovered places.

These works were exhibited in the show ‘Landscape’ at The Blue Gallery, London. 2003