Correlation‘, 2012. Unaltered Marine plastic objects found on the UK coast, 1994-2012, and graphite on primed canvas. Approx 100cm x100cm

Marine plastic is a global problem, all continents have their oceanic whirling gyres of pollution, which this artworks main circular form echoes. The mainly plastic debris is carried by current and wind from shore to shore, and can leave the coast for example in the USA and arrive on the UK’s west coast months later.

All items left on the beach or thrown from a ship overboard have this potential to travel. It is an   unknown, or unknowable adventure, whose chance happenings and incidents are left as scars on the object as a reminder of the journey past.

This commission was  based on the former ideas. Of how marine plastic may or may not arrive on a shore, of unknown adventure, of the allure and mystery of potential journeys, of stories untold or made. For further inspiration, contrast and adding a more direct connection to a human story,  I looked to the proposed schedule of another traveller. Of another story told, of global travel adventure and misadventure, of chance encounters in a time of change, a circumnavigation of the world through 3 months from Jules Vernes novel  ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.

To  work though my ideas I created graphics to visually describe the data and information I will work with. The 1st Info-graphic shows the mean average yearly low and high temperatures of each city Phileas Fogg was to visit in his proposed schedule for an 80 day adventure around the world.  The colour bands corresponds to temperature but also act as the guide for the colour of plastic  to be used. The second graphic, shows not only the destinations in clockwise order of the journey, but also the duration of days Fogg set in the story to accomplish his task.

By using the current and real statistical climate data combined with the fictional past journey data the work sets to comment on both the past and future and emulate not just one singular journey but all of our journeys – not just local but global – not just one adventure into the unknown but all adventurous aspirations.